Ministry of Environment & Forests Central Information System

Storage centralization is a need

Programs are looking for safe and easy storage solutions to house exponentially increasing amounts of data. There are a few basic reasons for the growing interest in centralized storage solutions.


Centralized storage protects data, increases speed and efficiency. File sharing allows for quick and easy access to important data from almost anywhere in the world.  Further, it is a cost effective solution. While decentralized data requires time-consuming maintenance resulting in high cost a centralized system allows to lower the maintenance. Cost-effectiveness can also relate to power supplies and peripheral equipment. It is more efficient to supply a central server than to power several individual machines.

Programs managers across the MoEF are often looking for experts and consultants on a defined topic, or needs to nominate someone to attend a certain event, a conference, workshop where a sort of background is required.  This capacity building monitoring system aims to support managers in the selection of personnel by capturing all information related to any even organized by a project, including the attendance, making easier to individuate qualified staff.